Kitchen Tips / Cooking Tips / कुछ बेहतर कुकिंग टिप्स / వంటింటి చిట్కాలు

• If by mistake you have added more salt in your curry than required, then apply this trick. Make a small ball of flour dough and put it in the curry . Boil curry for 5-7 minutes and remove the ball . This would soak up all the excess salt.

• If you want to make a rich and thick gravy , then add 3-4 tsp of CASHEWNUT PASTE to your curry . It would also enhance the flavors and nutritional properties of the curry.

• To prevent oil from spilling while deep frying , put a small piece of .........'TAMARIND' in the oil.

• Take ‘Water and Vinegar’ in 1:1 ratio (Half & Half) and clean the refrigerator with this solution using a soft cloth/sponge . All the smells and stains will go away instantly.

• While making ginger, garlic or green chilly paste...........add some oil and salt at the time of grinding. This enhances their flavors as well as shelf life.

• To make ‘INSTANT SAMBHAR’…………use the leftover dal/lentil. Add some water, sambhar masala and some boiled vegetables if you have in your refrigerator. Temper it and serve hot.

• While making 'Sugar Syrup'......put 2-3 drops of 'Lemon Juice'. Syrup won't crystallize.

• For INSTANT TOMATO PUREE .....pressure cook tomatoes with little salt, cool, grind in a mixer and strain the juice. Deep freeze this juice in an ice tray. Store these tomato juice ice cubes in freezer and use them to make soup, gravies whenever you are falling short of time or have run out of tomatoes.

• To remove the skin of garlic easily , put the cloves of garlic in hot water for about 10 minutes . Now peel…… and you can see the difference

• Always store spices in air-tight containers and keep them in a cool , dark and dry place . Never keep them over your kitchen gas/stove . Humidity , heat and light will cause the herbs and spices to loose their flavors and aroma

• After boiling noodles , strain away the hot water and immediately put the noodles in ice-cold water for about 5 minutes....and then strain. This helps in avoiding them from sticking together

• If you want to store cut apples , then apply some lemon juice on their peeled/cut surface, wrap with aluminium foil and keep in refrigerator . This helps in avoiding browning and keeps the apples fresh for a longer time

• Put a betel leaf ( Paan ka patta) over leftover idli/dosa batter . This would prevent the batter from becoming sour .

• While boiling eggs, put lots of salt in water. Eggs will not crack.

• To keep green leafy vegetables fresh for a longer time , keep them in an air tight container/packet in refrigerator

• Putting 3-6 cloves ( Laung) in your sugar container will keep the ants away.

• To remove the skin of almonds easily , soak them in hot water for 30 min.

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