Sweet Kaja / Madatha Kaja / मीटा खाजा / స్వీట్ కాజాలు

Ingredients :

Maida / Alpurpose Flour - 1 Cup
Salt - 1 Pinch
Ghee - 6 Tsp
Sugar - 1 Cup
Water - 1/2 Cup
Cardomom Powder - 1/2 Tsp
Rice Flour - 2 Tsp
Oil - For Deep Fry

Preparation Method :

1. Add a Pinch of Salt to Maida then add Melted Desi Ghee, Mix Well. Then Add Some Water to Make Chapathi / Roti Dough. Keep aside for 10-15 Min.

2. Then Devide the Dough into 3 Equal Parts. Then make a Thin Roti. Take Melted Ghee add Rice Flour. Mix well. Then apply Ghee to the Thin Roti. Now place another roti over it and repeat the same process. Place around 3 rotis in the same manner and roll the rotis together.

3. Now cut the roll to equal portions with a knife. Slightly roll each piece with the roller . Prepare all the kajas in the same manner.

4. Heat oil for deep fry. Fry the kajas in a medium flame until they turn to golden color. Remove from the oil and place them on a paperTowel.

5. Take a cup of sugar in a thick bottomed vessel and add half cup of water to it. Heat it and make the sugar syrup. ( the sugar syrup should be one thread consistency). Add the cardamom powder.

6. Now drop the fried kajas into the sugar syrup. Leave them for 2 to 3 mins. and turn them to the other side. Leave them for another 2 to 3 mins. and remove them. Allow them to cool and store them in a air tight container.

* Yummy Sweet Kaja Ready.


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