Useful Sambar tips /साम्बार टिप्स /సాంబారు చిట్కాలు

Sambar tips :

For sambar, toor dal(Kandi pappu) is main factor. Choose best brand/ quality dal. Flat dal gets cooked easier.

Before you are preparing dal or sambar anything first roast the dal for 2 min. Then cook. The sambar or dal Recipe will be so Tasty.

Use water ratio 1 : 2 and pressure cook for 4-5 whistles in medium flame.

While pressure cooking dal for sambar, the optional items you can add are turmeric, asafoetida, one red chilli, few drops of ghee or sesame oil.

Sesame oil and red chilli helps in easy cooking the dal.

Once pressure is released and while it is still hot, mash the dal well. If there is water, drain and reserve and then mash as it will be easier.

To get a tasty sambar like the one in restaurants, use a tsp of ghee while you are frying onion for sambar.

Use small onion the best for sambar.

Adding a 1/2 tsp of jaggery enhances the taste.

Add few torn curry leaves after you switch off the stove and close with the lid.

Asafoetida(hing) is also an important ingredient for flavourful sambar.

For tiffin sambar, tamarind and salt should be mild so that we can relish lots of sambar with the tiffin, it should be *drinkable*.

For sambar for rice, everything should be more and balanced.

If your sambar is too tangy, add more dal if you have any or more sambar powder and water.

If too spicy, add more tamarind and boil again. Or you can also add bit more salt if it can be balanced.

If too salty, add a potato and boil. The potato will absorb the salt.(or) make a flour mix with water as a small ball dough then add into salted curry, sambar or anything. The salt will be absorbed by dough.

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